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Estate planning Attorney New York

Estate planning Attorney New York


Estate planning
is a very important parameter with which you control what happens to your estate in your presence or absence. Estate planning is a legal tool and this is the area of specialization of the estate planning attorney New York.

Before you leave this world, you have to put into writing how you want your assets to be disposed when you’re gone. You probably have a surviving family or a special loved one who you may not even be related to, and you’d want such persons to benefit from your estate when you die. Also, it will come to a time when you become too old to care for yourself and you’ll need someone to make decisions or act on your behalf, and you’ll have to declare in writing who you want that person to be. All these will be included in your estate plan. With estate planning, you have full protection for yourself, your estate as well as your loved ones. But one thing you should note is that all these wishes of yours will not stand if your estate plan is not designed properly, and this is where the importance of hiring an estate planning attorney becomes evident.

Estate planning and probate services.

The estate planning attorney New York will help ensure that your estate plan is done in accordance with the state laws of New York. His goal is to see that you get the best legal representation that is due under the area of estate planning and estate litigation, as well as in the process of probate. Having the right estate planning attorney is crucial, and the estate planning attorney New York is your best choice. With empathy, he will look into your particular situation and come up with an estate plan which best suits it. Your best interests are all that matters to him, and he’ll see to it that your desires concerning your estate affairs are being met with utmost effect and professionalism. He offers around-the-clock support and advice, and will notify you should there be need to update your estate plan.

Wills and trust

The estate planning attorney New York specializes in drafting of wills. A will is a legal document which bears your demands as to the distribution of your assets when you pass away. The estate planning will offer crucial advice and guidance in writing your will so as to avoid costly mistakes that may arise when you do it in ignorance. Such mistakes could render your will invalid when it is probated in a law court. Having an invalid will simply means your loved ones will not inherit the exact portion of the estate which you want them to have. Also, writing your will in an improper manner may lead to a will contest during the probate process. All these will be avoided when you hire the estate planning attorney. With his vast knowledge and expertise and writing of wills, he will ensure that your will meets the requirements of the law.

A trust differs from a will in that with a trust, the probate process as well as estate taxes is avoided. It is one of the most powerful tool which the estate planning attorney New York will provide you with, taking total control of your assets, and protecting your financial legacy while qualifying you for Medicaid benefits.
Having a trust becomes important when you desire to transfer all your wealth to a loved one (known as the trustee). Such action will invariably lead to the preservation of your financial legacy. The downside to having a trust is that it could disqualify your trustee from receiving government assistance due to disability, and this is why it is expedient you consult an estate planning attorney. With his knowledge in this area, he will be able to set up a trust for you without disqualifying them from other public benefits.

Your peace of mind is important. You have to ensure that your loved ones will be well off when you’re gone, and that your hard-earned property is in good hands. Do not wait until it becomes too late. Hurry now and contact an estate planning attorney New York to ensure your utmost peace of mind.